Ehsan Baghestani


Website Designer

Android Developer

WordPress Developer

Crypto Market Trader

Ehsan Baghestani


Website Designer

Android Developer

WordPress Developer

Crypto Market Trader

About Me

Hi, I am Ehsan and I work in the field of programming.

I learned programming at the age of 15  and I have been programming for about 13 years. I have a history of implementing the following in the field of programming:

  • Website design with PHP, CSS, HTML, MYSQL, JS and ...
  • Designing Android applications
  • Website design with WordPress
  • Manufacturing electronic devices with Microchip PIC Microcontroller with assembly language

My primary focus is on programming, however as a second job in the field of cryptocurrency, I have been working as a trader for 4 years.

To see my CV, you can click on the "CV" option from the menu on the left side of the page.

Also, if you want to get acquainted with my interesting story of becoming a programmer, click on the "Story" from the menu.

More About Me

  • AGE 28
  • Education Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Experience 8 years
  • Email
My Resume
My skills
PHP Programmer
Implementation of Backend

Expertise in PHP programming for site designing and implementation of Backend.

Android Developer
Create Android Aplications

Expertise in JAVA and Kotlin languages to build Android applications.


Advanced skills in SQL programming language and MYSQL DBMS to implement website database.

Frontend Client

Expertise in HTML language (tags) to implement the Front section of the website.

Wordpress CMS

Advanced skills in WordPress for designing WordPress sites.

Search Engine Optimization

Advanced skills working with SEO and site promotion in Google SERP.

Frontend Client

Expertise in CSS to implement website appearance.

Java Script
JS Language

Advanced skills working with JavaScript to implement and complete the front part of the site (Events, Animation, ...).

Jquery Library

Advanced skills in Jquery library to complete the front section of the site.

Bootstrap Framework

Expertise in Bootstrap framework for responsiveness and website optimization on phones and tablets.

Cryptocurrency Trader

Since 2017, I have been acquainted with the field of cryptocurrency. A year after, I started trading in Binance Exchange.

Trading is my second job and interest after programming.

Assembly Programmer

Intermediate skills in assembly programming language for microchip PIC family chips to build electronic boards.

Adobe Photoshop

Intermediate skills working with Photoshop to build UI and graphic components needed to design a website and build applications.

Adobe Premiere

Familiarity with Premier software for video editing.

After Effects
Adobe After Effects

Familiarity with After Effects software to create motion graphics for video purposes towards Android applications and websites.

Work Experience
NHN Website
Middle East Office

NHN Middle East Office

Create NHN Japan Website - Middle East Branch.

To learn more about this project, you can watch this video.

The appearance of the website was coded with HTML, CSS, etc. and the backend of the site was created with PHP and MVC architecture.

The site was coded in 3 languages and comes with a comprehensive admin panel.

Yara Company
VOD SDK Developer

Experience working as an Android programmer in Yara Mobile Company and collaborating in the development of the "Tapligh" product SDK.

"Tapligh" was one of the top products of Yara Company at that time. "Tapligh" was essentialy a VOD platform for displaying video ads in Android apps. (Like Google Moblie ADS)

Web Crawler
News Collecting Robots

I Designed a PHP crawler to receive news from popular news' websites at the request of Doman Company.

Android Apps
Create Android Applications

I created several Android applications ordered by different companies for publication in Play Store as a freelancer.

Smart Home
Building Management System

Build an electronic board and Android application towards leading "smart" apartment standards.

The central chip is programmed with assembly language and connects to the Android application with the use of Bluetooth.

The Android application communicates with the electronic board via Bluetooth Socket.

Below are some selected pictures of this project.

My Skill Level
  • Android
  • WordPress
  • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
  • JavaScript/ Jquery
  • Assembly
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere / After Effects
  • SEO
Get in Touch
  • FREELANCE Available
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    The Story That I Became A Programmer

    It might not be an exaggeration to say that my best friend is my laptop and mobile phone. There is almost no day that I am not behind my laptop. At least I work with my laptop for 3 hours a day.

    Most of the time, I code on one monitor and look at the digital currency chart on the second monitor to trade if a good situation arises.


    The reason why I learned all about computer and programming in all these years was not more than two.

    1- Finding that skill to continue my work.

    2- Being voyeuristic and stubborn to learn that.

    For example, the only reason I went into Android programming was because I wanted to control and command the electronic board I had made with my Android phone.

    Or, for example, when I completely learned Android programming and published a program in the market, I needed to make a video to introduce my application, so I learned After Effects and Premiere.


    In short, from the age of 15 I learned everything I needed to know about computers.

    The following are the steps of my acquaintance and progress with the fields related to computers.


    15 years old : QBasic language

    The most important thing for me to become a programmer was to get acquainted with this language, which was taught to me by a teacher at school. It was there that I realized I loved programming.


    15 to 17 years old

    During these years, I wrote test and basic software and along with it, I got acquainted with Adobe graphics programs such as photoshop and flash. I also learned to work with Microsoft office software over the years, and I liked Excel the most because it allowed me to code.

    18 years old

    Through my father, I became acquainted with electronic boards and became interested in programming microcontrollers in assembly language. It was a really beautiful experience. Inventing something you programmed and can touch.


    19 years old

    Learning programming for Android: After I was able to design electronic boards, I wanted to control them with a mobile phone and command them via Bluetooth. That's why I went to Android programming and had a lot of fun with it.


    20 years old

    I was so immersed in Android that it made me work more in this field and get a project. Since I wanted to learn everything myself, I learned Aftereffect and Premiere softwares to design a video for introducing applications, which I still really still use.


    21 years old

    Start web development: There was nothing in Android that I could not do, but to write server-side programs I needed to be familiar with the PHP language to do server-side programs and JSON production myself.

    That's why I started learning everything I need to excel in web programming (Bootstrap, Jquery, JS, CSS, HTML, Mysql, PHP).

    In the same years, after learning web programming completely, I did a project to represent a company in the Middle East.

    21 years old so far

    I have been working on many projects since I was 21 years old.

    in addition to programming, I got acquainted with the crypto market in 2017, and it made me learn to trade in this market, which is an interesting experience.